Your resume is your professional story, and it deserves to be told right.

A well-crafted resume is more than a list of jobs and qualifications; it’s the canvas upon which your professional story is painted. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, including tools like ChatGPT, more and more people are offering resume writing services —making it difficult for job seekers to discern between a genuine voice and one relying solely on tech advancements to craft client documents.

Here’s the reality: to succeed in a competitive job market, job seekers need an above average resume.

And that takes an experienced writer that knows how to weave together your unique professional narrative using modern resume writing best practices and industry trends.

Discerning the Who’s Who in Resume Writing

In a landscape saturated with resume writing services and the prevalence of AI tools like ChatGPT, job seekers face a challenge—distinguishing between a genuine service provider and one reliant solely on technology to mold client documents.

To succeed in a competitive job market, the need for an above-average resume becomes paramount. However, achieving this goes beyond mere competence; it requires experience.

Your Professional Story Matters!

Your career story is more than a series of tasks and responsibilities; it’s a nuanced journey and the narrative demands a human touch.

With the prevalence of template-style resumes and documents shaped by poorly constructed prompts for AI writing, the risk of becoming ‘just another resume’ in a pile of others is real.

Your resume must be a unique reflection of your journey, not a cookie-cutter representation that was shaped from poorly constructed AI prompts.

Avoid Bullet Point Overload

One of the most common pitfalls in DIY and template-style resume is overloading the document with bullet points that outline tasks rather than emphasizing key achievements.

Whether you are drafting the document yourself or engaging a professional resume writing service, the emphasis should be on the quality of your bullet points and not the quantity. You don’t want to drown the reader in job description but rather highlight your most impactful moments along the way that define your value.

Strive for a Clean Design

A cluttered design distracts and unnecessary adverbs dilute your accomplishments, making it difficult for the reader to find critical information.

Opt for a clean, organized format that guides the reader smoothly through your professional journey.

Own Your Story

Two individuals collaborating over resume development.

While professional resume writers bring expertise, they can’t unveil your unique value without your insights.

Active participation in crafting your career story is critical to your success.

Simply handing off your current document without providing additional insights is most always detrimental.

Even the best professional resume writers can’t capture your unique value without your input and simply providing generic job descriptions won’t help the writer showcase your distinctiveness.

My advice: If you’re not open to a collaborative process, save yourself some money and craft your own document. While a skilled resume writer can enhance the presentation, no writer is a magician who can ‘make-up’ your achievements and value.

No one knows your career story like you do and your unique insights are the key to a truly impactful resume.

Your story deserves to be more than words on paper — make it the key that unlocks your next career chapter.

Investing in and collaborating with a highly skilled resume writer is a small commitment to yourself, yet one that pays substantial dividends in the future.

Explore expert insights on collaborative resume writing and effective storytelling for your professional journey.

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