Published Resume WriterA resume is used to introduce your skills and abilities to potential employers but many self-written documents present the reader with a list – via bullet points or sentences – that simply describe their job duties instead of their skills. To get to an accomplishment instead of a duty, ask yourself “what happened next?” If the answer is nothing, then skip the sentence or bullet point and move to the next entry.

This writing technique will help you identify what you can do for the employer (ability to produce results) rather than what you have done in the past (job duty). Your resume should highlight information that is relevant to a potential employer and “what happened next” helps a writer produce the result by transforming the statement.

Here are two examples of how to turn a duty-oriented statement into an accomplishment highlight –

From my resume –
* Original Statement – Transform client information into interview-winning resumes. (What happened then?)
* Impact Statement – Achieved 99%+ satisfaction rate through identifying each clients uniqueness and producing accomplishment-driven data that garners more attention from hiring authorities.

From a recent client’s resumes –
* Original Statement – Implement successful prospecting strategy using cold calling, networking and database information to target investors. (What happened then?)
* Impact Statement – Surpassed target goal by 40% through deployment of innovative cold calling techniques including networking and database management that netted more than 15 new leads monthly.

Any number of candidates may be able to implement successful prospecting strategies; however, how many are able to surpass target by 40%?

The savvy job seeker will use their resume to convey their strengths, accomplishments and expertise in a way that makes them unique and sets them apart as a professional who can produce results. If you need help developing your resume content, find an experienced resume writer who is certified by one of the resume writing associations ( look for a CARW, CPRW, MRW or ACRW).

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