If you remember the 80s, you remember objective statements, job duties as your work history, printing your résumé on high quality stationery and then either mailing (US Postal service) or presenting your résumé to the hiring authority in person. Résumés have changed over the years and using the most up-to-date job search techniques will help shorten your job search.

Hello Online Submissions. Good-bye Snail-mail.
Technology has changed the way résumés are developed and distributed. Rather than asking for a paper résumé, many employers are set up for online submissions and, in larger firms, human resource managers no longer review stacks of documents. Applicant Tracking System software has been put in place to pre-screen résumés and flag individuals who meet the job criteria: pre-determined keywords, years of experience and specific academic training requirements.

Hello Targeted, Keyword Rich Resumes. Good-bye One-Size Fits All Documents
Relevant keywords will help you pass the pre-screening process and on to further review by the hiring authority. To find appropriate keywords, review several job postings. This will help you identify the most sought after traits for your career field.
Some candidates use a keyword summary but a better option is to integrate the words throughout the résumé. This will help showcase your keyword skills in action.

Hello Accomplishments. Good-bye Work Duties.
A few years ago, résumés listed job titles and a description of your daily tasks. Today’s résumé is more about the value you bring to a new organization rather than what duties you performed throughout your work history. Set your self apart by quantifying your accomplishments – did you save money, slash costs, increase productivity, expand territories, capture new business? This information will help position you as “the candidate” for the job.

Hello Diversified Job Search. Goodbye Single Search Method.
Although everyone needs to be armed with a résumé that will pass an applicant tracking system, simply uploading your document onto a job board and hoping to be found is not the best job search strategy.

Resume_WritingBe prepared to follow the job postings specific instructions by having multiple versions of your résumé. An ASCII version should be prepared for online submissions and a visually appealing print document should be ready for other delivery methods – attachment to email message, faxing, or hand-delivery when networking, career fairs or interview situations.

Professional Resume Services
The savvy job seeker will use their resume to convey their strengths, accomplishments and expertise in a way that makes them unique and sets them apart as a professional who can produce results. If you need help developing your resume content, find an experienced resume writer who is certified by one of the resume writing associations as a (CARW, CPRW, MRW or ACRW).

If you have questions or need help, Breakthrough Resume Writing Service is a virtual (online) business that offers assistance to people from around the globe. From the privacy of your own home, you can contact Tammy at awordpro@aol.com.

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Tammy Shoup, Executive Director and Head Writer of Breakthrough Résumés, is among a small number of professional résumé writers in the U.S. who has earned the title of Certified Professional Résumé Writer from the Professional Association of Résumé Writers / Career Coaches.

Shoup is also a member of the National Résumé Writers’ Association and Career Directors International. Her activity in both organizations ensures that her knowledge of industry and employment trends remains current. It also indicates her dedication to continuing education in her industry. Her work is published in both JIST and Barron’s career books. Please review Shoup’s information at www.breakthroughrésumés.com or www.tammyshoup.com or inquire directly to Tammy Shoup at awordpro@aol.com

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