Research consistently shows that more than 75% of jobs are filled through networking and that referred, qualified candidates are 14 times more likely to get the job. With 82% of workers in the US looking to change jobs, learning how to network and become the referred candidate is critical to achieve their goals.

Tammy Shoup, CHJMC

Now, Tammy  is better prepared than ever to provide professionals with a structured process for creating a job search strategy, networking in a measurable way, overcoming job search fears, and taking steps to realize their career goals. Tammy has completed a rigorous training program and earned the Certified Hidden Job Market Coach (CHJMC) credential from Career Thought Leaders – a certification that signifies understanding of coaching best practices and job search strategies.

“My clients are facing steep competition in the employment market and need strategies,” says Tammy “and even after 20 years in the career field, I wanted to be sure that I was providing the best support during what is a complex job search process. My investment in the CHJMC means that my clients can approach job search with confidence, knowing that they will have the structure, flexibility, and resources they need.” offers expert resume writing services to entry-level through executive clientele in the global marketplace. Shoup empowers clients to navigate the complexities of a job search helping them emerge as successful candidates. Ms. Shoup has more than 20 years’ experience assisting clients in meeting their career goals and has been published in more than 5 resume writing and cover letter compilation books.

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