LinkedIn is the top social networking website for jobseekers. As Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, explains it, “Post a full profile and get connected to the people you trust. Because if you’re connected to those people and you posted a profile, then when other people are searching for people, they might find you.”

LinkedIn has more than 332 million registered users as of January 2015. The site adds two new members every second, and 187 million people visit the site each month. With so many members, the rate at which your network expands on LinkedIn can be truly amazing. A hundred strategic contacts could mean access to millions of people in a short amount of time. You’d have to attend dozens — or hundreds — of in-person networking events to equal the reach you can get on LinkedIn.

Here’s why you should join:

Why Join LinkedIn?

Why Join LinkedIn?

#1: LinkedIn allows you to leverage the power of your network — the people you know, and the people those people know — to help you connect to the person (or people) who are in a position to offer you a job.

#2: With LinkedIn, you get all the benefits of networking in person, with less of the hassle. Instead of going from business lunch to business lunch hoping to meet people, LinkedIn provides a platform for you to specifically search and research individuals who you know will directly add value to your job search.

#3: Employers and recruiters use LinkedIn to locate both active jobseekers and those who aren’t necessarily looking (passive candidates). They also use LinkedIn to vet job candidates before making an interview invitation or extending a job offer. LinkedIn also allows candidates to create an online portfolio of their accomplishments — the latest update to LinkedIn’s profile format (rolled out in June 2014), has a strong visual emphasis, facilitating embedded video, links to content posted elsewhere on the Internet, and the ability to create highly shareable, long-form content in the form of LinkedIn’s “Publishing” feature.

#4: LinkedIn allows you to identify, research, contact, follow-up, engage, and maintain your contacts in one place. Its ability to facilitate business networking is unmatched by any other social network. Essentially, your LinkedIn profile is a resume, business card, and elevator speech all rolled up into one.

#5: The opportunity to join groups without leaving home. Join a group to develop relationships with influencers, participate in the group to gain visibility before you invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn. Ask questions, give advice, and be helpful to others, as this will help you become known to these folks.

#6: Use LinkedIn in your job search by using the “Jobs” tab to identify opportunities. Savvy job seekers use a broad range of search tactics. Don’t overlook this hidden gem.
LinkedIn is a social site — the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Get in the habit of using LinkedIn to research opportunities and make connections with individuals who can help you with your job search. When you have a job interview lined up, search for the interviewer on LinkedIn. See who you know in common, and research the interviewer’s background. Review the company profile as well, and see if you have any connections with current employees.

In closing, your LinkedIn profile is not your resume. LinkedIn is a personal branding page. You need both a resume and a LinkedIn profile, and they should be in sync with one another, but not be exact copies. The information on your resume should match your profile (in terms of positions you’ve held, your educational credentials, etc.), but the content you include on your LinkedIn profile will be different than what is included on your resume.

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