A job search takes time and commitment and preparation and planning will help your search go more smoothly.

Your Resume – Needs to be employer-focused. Do you have a brag book or list of your accomplishments, skills, and experience you can use to create your resume from? Can you quantify your achievements? Using numbers will help set you apart from other candidates and further showcase your value to potential employers. Open with a powerful statement

Contact Tammy for a Resume as Unique as You Are!

Contact Tammy for a Resume as Unique as You Are!

that highlights who you are and what you offer and follow with an action-oriented experience section that shows you make an impact.

Your Cover Letter – Needs to complement your resume NOT repeat it. Your cover letter is your opportunity to provide additional information on your skills and experience along with how you are qualified for the job. The focus should be how your qualifications are a match for the employer’s job requirements. Use a few bullet points to draw attention to key accomplishments, skills, or experience (that show how you make an impact) and always end your letter by requesting an interview!

Your LinkedIn Profile – Needs to be up-to-date and complete. You have 2,000 characters in your summary section to give readers a brief snapshot of who you

are. Use the first few sentences to get your prospects interested in your profile and excited about getting to know you. Focus on what you have to offer that meets the needs of an employer in your target market. Research has shown a LinkedIn profile with a picture (professional head-shot) receives more interest than a profile without a picture.

Your Social Media Presence – Needs to be positive and reassure potential employers of your suitability as an employee. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) posts are reviewed by hiring managers and recruiters. If your online presence is negative or too casual (unflattering party or vacation photos) clean it up and, from henceforth, take a strategic, proactive approach to managing your online presence. (Don’t believe me? One survey found that 79% of hiring managers (in the U.S.) researched candidates online before making a hiring decision.)

Your Follow-up Technique – Needs to show your continued interest in the position. Follow-up with a brief phone call or email to ask about a timetable for filling the position AND with a thank-you note after you have interviewed. Your thank-you note should be within a week of your interview and addressed to the person who interviewed you. Both of these techniques keep your name circulating and at the forefront of the hiring manager’s thoughts. (Make sure you check back in but don’t make yourself a nuisance.)

Your Willingness to Make Adjustments – Your job search needs to be balanced. Don’t make the mistake of limiting your job-search to online job boards. Network, visit company websites, scour traditional job ads, search for job opportunities on LinkedIn, and make cold contact.

A job search can be a rollercoaster ride with many highs and lows. If you are not making any progress, review your marketing documents or hire a professional to package your employment history, skills, and abilities in the most up-to-date manner.

If you need help developing or polishing your resume, Breakthrough Resume Writing Service is a virtual (online) business that offers assistance to people from around the globe. From the privacy of your own home, you can contact Tammy at tammy@breakthroughresumes.com

About the Author:

Tammy Shoup, Executive Resume Writer and Career Strategist, is among a small number of professional résumé writers in the U.S. who has earned the title of
Certified Professional Résumé Writer from the Professional Association of Résumé Writers / Career Coaches.

Shoup is also a member of the National Résumé Writers’ Association and Career Directors International. Her activity in both organizations ensures that her knowledge of industry and
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