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You’ve landed here because you know you have the skills and experience companies are looking for and you want to make an impact. It’s time you STOP losing opportunities and STAND OUT. BE FOUND. And, Win More Interviews!

Investing in Your Career Gives You a Competitive Edge

“The new resume + cover letter you crafted for me really did the trick. I ultimately interviewed with 8 different companies in the past 2.5 months and accepted a position that is a great opportunity, making more money, having a shorter drive, and surrounded by a solid management team. It’s a great fit!”
– Information Technology (IT) Manager

Today’s global job market is competitive, and every day you spend in crisis mode, is income lost. Every job seeker, no matter the level of employment or industry, needs a well-crafted resume that tells the story of their career, connects with their target audience, and makes the reader sit up and take notice.

When You Have a BREAKTHROUGH RESUME, You Are Equipped to Interview

for the Roles You’ve Been Longing to Pursue!

Your resume has mere seconds to make a good first impression, but first, you need to be found. To make sure your resume lands on top of the pile + delivers breakthrough results, you need to pull together all the pieces of your career, clearly articulate your contributions, accomplishments, and experience in a compelling, informative, and keyword rich way that will resonate with your target employer. No easy task.

Your Experience + My Expertise = Job Search Success

Since 1997, I’ve been crafting resumes for job seekers in a variety of industries ready to move up the career ladder and up-level their income. I stay abreast of job search trends and resume writing best practices through earning certifications and membership participation in various career related organizations.

Work with an Award-Winning, Multi-Certified Resume Writer

Who provides 1:1 support to clients from around the globe.

Move from Unfound to Top of the Pile

Get the Help You Need to Transform Your Resume + Supporting Documents

Together we will make sure you attract more opportunities …

I’ve known that trapped feeling all too well, and I know what it takes to land a new role. Now I help job seekers just like you gain clarity, confidence, and control of their job search. I’m here to help you get laser-focused on your career goals and to cheer you on in transitioning into a career you love!

During our in-depth resume development process, we’ll work one-on-one to map out your career and your personal brand, dig deep to uncover your greatest strengths, identify your most meaningful career accomplishments, and pull it all together to create:

  • A beautifully-designed, professionally-written career story that reflects who you are and the value you offer. With the wrong resume, it can take MONTHS to be found and secure a single interview.
  • A customizable cover letter that aligns with your resume. I get it. There are a lot of conflicting opinions on this subject, but here is the bottom line … some employers will never read your resume if it isn’t ‘dressed’ with a cover letter. A top-notch cover letters gives you another opportunity to add a layer of interest and authentically communicate who you are and the value you offer.
  • A LinkedIn profile that reflects your strengths and complements your resume (if ordered). An optimized profile will help make a strong first impression and spark interest in your professional brand. Leveraging the power of this employment-related, networking powerhouse will help further connect your audience with your values + passions. Setting you apart

Will your resume + online presence standup to pre-employment scrutiny?

“I was recommended to Tammy Shoup by a friend who said her resumes have got results for others. When I sent out the resume Tammy had written, the phone started ringing. I went to several interviews and found a great new career making more than I imagined possible. The recruiter told me he loved my resume and picked it out of 100’s that were sent in.”

I can help you too!

We offer Professional, Management, and Executive Resume Writing Packages.

There is an art and science to writing a modern resume. A professionally written resume helps you see the best in yourself and commands a higher starting salary by highlighting your career progression via the right combination of strategic words and high-impact visuals in a compelling story that ignites interest.

Our packages include:

  • 1:1 Strategy Session.
  • Professional Resume.
  • Cover Letter.
  • LinkedIn Headline + Summary Optimization.

Package Options

Professional Resume Service Package

$597Make a Lasting Impression
  • We help you rise above others in your industry with a portfolio of marketing documents that drive home your distinguishing value, experience, and qualifications. Your professional resume will be employer-focused and fully key-word optimized to help you survive online sorting and position you for a higher starting salary!

    • You must make a great first impression.
    • You are considering making a career move.
    • You are preparing for promotion.

    This package is right for supervisors and new managers, and you SAVE $130

  • Professional-Level Individual Service Prices:

    • Resume $377.00
    • LinkedIn Profile $200.00
    • Cover Letter $150.00

Mid-Level Manager Resume Service Package

$897Get Noticed with a Signature Management Resume
  • We work closely with you to transform your boring responsibilities-laden resume into a marketing tool that shines a bright light on the value you bring to the table. You will accentuate how your skills, experiences, and achievements are an asset that you and only you bring to your new employer. Your management resume will be high-impact, strategically aligned, and designed with visual impact to help you market yourself as the very best candidate for the management-level role you have your eye on.

    • You have the skills and experience companies are looking for.
    • You continue to make an impact by leading people, processes, and/or the production or sale of products.
    • You will stand out, be selected from a pack of qualified candidates, and you will win more quality interviews!

    This package is right for individuals who are management-level! Save $130

  • Management-Level Individual Service Prices:

    • Resume $577.00
    • LinkedIn Profile $250
    • Cover Letter $200.00

Senior-Level Resume Service Package

$1497Gain a Competitive Advantage for top-salary positions
  • We specialize in equipping aspiring leaders ready to chart their path to get shortlisted for coveted C-level positions. With one of the best Certified Executive Resume Writer by your side, you can unlock your brand and unbridle your job search!

    • You are Director or V-level management (VPs, SVPs who report to C-level or D-level management who report to V-level management).
    • You have a wealth of accomplishments and need to capture your unique value and exceptional career story.
    • You need a high-impact, modern C-suite resume that aligns you with your target industry.

    This package is right for you! Savings of $130

  • Senior-Level Individual Service Prices:

    • Resume $977.00
    • LinkedIn Profile $350
    • Cover Letter $300.00

Work 1:1 with Certified Executive Resume Writer, Tammy Shoup

Final Resume Delivered in MS Word, PDF, and Plain Text Formats

Get Clear Direction + Confidence

Professional resume writers know that for a job seeker to be found, the candidate’s resume + cover letter + LinkedIn Profile need to be more than a laundry list of responsibilities held and tasks performed. Their entire portfolio needs to connect the dots between the potential employer’s needs and the candidate’s value and experience.

The presentation of information also needs to be visually attractive.

My mission is simple – Help Job Seekers Bring the Story of their Career to Life. Penning the Path to Prosperous Employment.

It’s important you know WHO will be writing your resume.

Personalized Service: Unlike firms that outsource their work, I work one-on-one with my clients and only accept a few projects per month. I do this to ensure my clients have the clarity and confidence they need to succeed in a competitive marketplace. And, that takes a process beyond repackaging your employment history. It means digging deep to unearth your distinguishing value, framing your employment history with context surrounding the challenges you faced in each role, AND unpacking your quantifiable achievements.

Client Profile: My clients come from diverse backgrounds, but ALL are competitive, driven to succeed, and serious about wanting to stand out from their competition. No matter the level of employment or industry, all my clients want a high-impact resume that aligns with their career goals and will help them land interviews and advance their career.

You are READY to make a change. You know you need your resume + supporting documents to shine.

Yet you are unsure how to highlight your experiences in a value-driven resume.

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