September Ushers in Perfect Time for Job Seekers to Review Accomplishments and Prepare for new Job Opportunities

(Northeast Indiana, August 18, 2014) Taking a fresh look at your resume may rank low on your to-do list but, if you are thinking about a career change, it is essential. A great resume opens the windows to jobs and can be “make it” or “break it” for job seekers. This coming September marks the fourteenth year for “update your resume month”.

A Professional Resume Writer Can Help!

Tammy Shoup, CPRW

The month-long event was founded by Career Directors International to promote awareness about the importance of having an updated resume on-hand. According to Tammy Shoup of Breakthrough Resume Writing Service, “September is the perfect time to prepare for the fall hiring season.”  She further notes, “with summer vacations behind us and children back in school, individuals have an easier time focusing on the pursuit of new professional opportunities.”

As a certified professional resume writer, Shoup helps clients with the creation of accomplishment-rich resumes needed to catch the eye of potential employers and stand out amongst other applicants. A person might have the right skills necessary for a job, but if they can’t capture what they have done on paper correctly, they will not be given employment opportunities.

Shoup encourages people to have an updated resume for a variety of reasons. There can be unforeseen circumstances in which a person suddenly loses their job and would need to immediately start a new job search, and there is always potential for new, unexpected job offers in which a resume would be necessary. Additionally, with the state of the economy, there is always a chance of downsizing in companies or unexpected mergers and cuts may take place.

It is recommended for people to get an updated resume if:

1.    The resume doesn’t reflect the most recent position and accomplishments.
2.    The resume has an objective statement rather than a value-focused summary statement.
3.    Any additional education, certifications, seminars relevant to the intended job target are not listed.
4.    Any change in contact information (phone numbers, email address, or physical address).

Throughout the month of September, members of CDI will be dedicated to alerting their clients to the value of taking this crucial step in their career development. Breakthrough Resume Writing Service is a virtual business that offers assistance to people from around the globe. People can gain assistance from the comfort of their own home.

About Breakthrough Resume Writing Service
Tammy Shoup, Executive Resume Writer & Job Search Strategist, holds certification from the Professional Association of Resume Writers and has work published in several career books. Established in 1998, Breakthrough Resume Writing Service has helped thousands of individuals advance their career. The company offers resume packages for faith-based, professional- and executive-level job seekers.

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