A value proposition is a brief statement that briefly outlines what you have to offer your next employer and the unique benefits you can provide them. Likewise, a value proposition letter is a document that Mid-Management job seekers can use to sell themselves to potential employers or as a networking document that will help open doors to opportunities. A well-written value proposition letter is similar to a cover letter, but it is laser-focused and can help you secure your next mid-management role faster.

What Is a Value Proposition Letter

A value proposition letter highlights why you are the best candidate for the role in 150 words or less. A cover letter takes a more in-depth look at your skills and experience and is sent with your resume, a value proposition letter (VPL) is a standalone document that gives the recipient a brief snapshot of your ability to provide solutions in alignment with an employer’s/industry’s specific challenges.

How to Use a VPL

VPLs are conversation starters and are sent directly to decision makers and recruiters. A value proposition letter is a conversation starter, so keep it brief and focused on your ability to deliver bottom-line results.

  • Send with your resume when a posting does not specifically request a cover letter.
  • Send it to individuals in your network to unearth hidden opportunities.

Keys to Writing a Value-Packed Letter

VPLs are 150 words packed with strong words and phrases.

  • Use bold typeface to draw attention to key areas of interest.

VPLs always start with a strong opening sentence that will help attract the reader’s attention.

  • Do you need help creating a resume that will get you noticed in today’s competitive job market?

VPLs are focused on your most relevant qualifications and how they will benefit the employer.

  • As an award-winning, Certified Master Resume Writer + Hidden Job Search Coach, I’ve helped mid-management professional + C-suite executives avoid common job search mistakes and step into their next role faster.

VPLs use specific examples and data points whenever possible to illustrate your impact.

  • Two decades of experience helping clients increase their chances of securing interviews, clearly and concisely articulating the candidate’s unique value proposition, work history, and accomplishments.

VPLs end with a call to action.

  • If you would like to achieve similar results, give me a call!

By following the above tips, you can craft a value-packed letter that will help you stand out from the competition and land the mid-management job of your dreams!

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