Writing your own resume sounds easy enough but you want to make sure you are using the most up-to-date techniques so you search the internet and find hundreds of samples. As a layman, it is hard to know which advice you should follow and what sample you should use as your guide.

Is the formatting right for your profession? Should you use an objective Breakthrough_Sample_Resumesstatement or summary? Do you lead with your education? Include a profile? Use bullet points to list duties performed?

As an experienced, certified and published resume writer, I recommend you look for the following –

Formatting – Your format should be clean with a blend of white space, content and text enhancements (bolding, borders, lines, etc.). Prune your information rather than your margins and font sizes.

Objective Statements – Skip any sample that begins with “seeking a challenging position which will utilize my extensive skills and experience” or “a position that will allow me to grow both financially and professionally”. These statements are old-school and focused on what you are seeking rather than how you can help the employer.

Look for a Summary or Opening Statement – A targeted resume will open with a statement that is employer focused and highlights your unique skills in relation to the employer’s needs.

Education – Wondering where you should list your education? If you are a recent grad with little or no experience, it is acceptable to place this information toward the top of your resume. If you have professional experience, the details of your academic training should be near the bottom of the document.

Additional Information – Profile / No Profile; Key Qualifications; Proficiencies; Featured Results … For me (as a writer), it depends on the individual job seeker and their experience level. Keywords are a must throughout the document though!

Bullet Points – I cannot begin to count the number of resumes I have reviewed and revised that have duties listed bullet point after bullet point. After a while, it begins to read like a to-do list rather than an engaging document. Qualify your bullet points by asking yourself what happened after I did XYZ? If you can say “I wrote procedure manuals and they helped increase office productivity X%” – You have qualified a bullet point!!! Of course, you should lead with the outcome rather than the duty so it would read like this “Increased office productivity 30% by authoring procedure manuals and introducing best practices.”

There are a lot of great samples on the internet but you should remember they have been created for someone else not you. Turning to a resume professional who has written hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes can be precisely what is needed. An experienced certified professional resume writer will know what to include, and more importantly, what to leave off your resume so you can have peace of mind and hit the ground running! They will know what style of resume (chronological, functional, hybrid) should be used and exactly how to highlight your skills and abilities for maximum exposure.

If you need help developing or polishing your resume, Breakthrough Resume Writing Service is a virtual (online) business that offers assistance to people from around the globe. From the privacy of your own home, you can contact Tammy at awordpro@aol.com.

About the Author:

Tammy Shoup, Executive Director and Head Writer of Breakthrough Résumés, is among a small number of professional résumé writers in the U.S. who has earned the title of Certified Professional Résumé Writer from the Professional Association of Résumé Writers / Career Coaches.

Shoup is also a member of the National Résumé Writers’ Association and Career Directors International. Her activity in both organizations ensures that her knowledge of industry and employment trends remains current. It also indicates her dedication to continuing education in her industry. Her work is published in both JIST and Barron’s career books. Please review Shoup’s information at www.breakthroughrésumés.com or www.tammyshoup.com or inquire directly to Tammy Shoup at awordpro@aol.com

Wishing you the best in your job search campaign! †