Have you ever wondered if resume writing trends are worth paying attention to (information that will help set you apart), or if you should ignore them? As a professional resume writer who has reviewed hundreds of resumes, I understand the importance of standing out in a competitive job market. While it is tempting to follow every resume trend that comes along, it’s crucial to consider whether they truly add value to your application.

Rather than blindly adopting trends, the focus should always be on crafting a resume that effectively communicates your value, skills, experiences, and achievements. Speaking to the needs of the specific role you’re applying for and showcasing tangible results will always be timeless strategies.

That said, resume writing isn’t about conforming to every trend, but rather strategically incorporating elements that enhance your candidacy.

Trending Now Here are trends I advise my clients to steer clear of:

Reliance on AI:

Leaning solely into AI for resume writing often leads to loss of personalization and authenticity, resulting in a generic resume that fails to capture the candidate’s unique strengths and experiences and making it harder to stand out from other applicants and secure higher-level positions or better compensation packages.

AI lacks human insight and intuition and relies heavily on prompts provided by users to generate content. Poorly formulated prompts lead to inaccurate or irrelevant resume statements, undermining the document’s effectiveness in positioning the candidate for career advancement or increased fulfillment. Without the ability to understand context, AI-produced resume miss key opportunities to highlight achievements or skills that differentiate the candidate from others.

Keyword Stuffing:

For a while there, buzzwords were all the buzz, but overloading your resume with buzzwords and industry jargon can make it sound generic and insincere.

Rather than relying on vague keywords, focus on providing concrete evidence of your top skills in action.

Leadership as a standalone keyword isn’t engaging.

Change Management Leadership proven through two decades of managing and motivating teams, creating roadmaps to take advantage of new opportunities, and aligning initiatives with the organization’s business climate—resources, priorities, and mission. Adds to your value story.

Resume Templates:

The resume trend of using a template gained popularity as it offered job seekers a convenient and time-saving solution for crafting a resume. These templates come in various styles and formats (some better than others) and provide job seekers with a foundation to build their resume.

It’s important for job seekers to exercise a certain amount of caution when using a template. Templates tend to be generic and often diminish the candidate’s individuality, lumping them in with countless other job seekers.

Writing for ATS:

Writing for ATS has become a much touted aspect of modern resume writing, driven by the prevalence of Applicant Tracking Systems in the recruitment process. This trend focuses on strategically incorporating industry-specific keywords and phrases into resumes to increase the chances of passing through initial screening processes.

While optimizing for ATS is essential, it’s important not to overlook readability and clarity. A resume that solely caters to digital gatekeepers may fail to resonate with human reviewers.

Therefore, prioritize writing for the human reader first, ensuring your qualifications shine through to both ATS algorithms and human eyes.

In navigating the ever-evolving landscape of resume writing, it is in the job seeker’s best interest to strike a balance between innovation and tried-and true best practices. While it is tempting to follow every trend that emerges, it’s essential to approach resume writing with discernment and strategic intent.

By prioritizing authenticity, readability, and relevance, job seekers can craft resumes that effectively communicate their unique value proposition to both ATS algorithms and human reviewers alike.

Remember, a well-crafted resume is not just a document but a powerful tool that can open doors to new opportunities. So, as you embark on your job search journey, take the time to evaluate trends critically, and tailor your approach to best showcase your skills and experiences.

It is important to note that while some individuals may find success leveraging any one of these trends, it is essential to also recognize their limitations, particularly as one climbs the career ladder. In more senior or specialized roles, where personalization and nuanced understanding of industry-specific challenges are crucial, AI-generated resumes fall short in capturing the candidate’s unique value proposition.

While AI can streamline the initial resume drafting process and generic templates can provide a basic foundation, it’s mission critical to consider how effectively these tools capture your individuality and accomplishments. Additionally, while keywords are important for ATS optimization, their integration should be thoughtful and strategic.

Ultimately, standing out in today’s competitive job market requires a human touch that goes beyond the capabilities of automated tools alone.


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