In a world where competition for jobs is fierce and first impressions are crucial, a well-crafted resume can make all the difference. Yet, when it comes to the world of resume writing services, there’s often a temptation to choose a writing firm on resume cost versus value by seeking out the most budget-friendly option available.

This may seem like a cost-effective choice initially, but in reality, it can have detrimental consequences for career advancement. As a certified executive resume master, I firmly believe in the value of service and storytelling over price, and here are the top three reasons why I never sell on price for resume writing services.

Resume Cost: Value Over Price

cheapest price isn't necessarily the best choice.

Investing in a professionally written resume is not an expense; it’s an investment in your future.

A well-crafted resume can open doors to higher-paying jobs, faster job offers, and a more fulfilling career.

While it seems as if low-priced services might save you money upfront, they often lack the depth and quality required to elevate your resume to the next level —resulting in missed opportunities and underemployment.

The risk far outweighs the initial price tag of a high-quality resume service.

Writing + Industry Expertise Matters

Resume writing is both an art and a science.

It requires an in-depth understanding of what employers seek in potential candidates and the ability to craft a narrative that not only draws attention to your unique promise of value but also resonates with hiring managers.

Unfortunately, low-cost service providers often lack the necessary expertise, leading to generic, uninspiring resumes that fail to do justice to your potential.

Your resume is your career’s calling card and it deserves the utmost attention and care.

Not ‘Just’ Any Document

Your resume should empower you on your career journey by capturing your value offer, qualifications, and career story.

In my earliest career, I worked in retail and learned the distinction between helping and selling. I didn’t go to work each day just to push products; I was there to assist people in making the right selections, understanding their unique needs, and ensuring they left satisfied.

The experience left a profound impression on me: there is a very clear difference between offering genuine assistance and merely trying to make a sale. Today, in the realm of resume writing, I carry this principle forward.

Selling on price alone can lead to more sales; however, it often leads to shortcuts, where the focus is solely on making a sale –potentially sacrificing the quality and personalized assistance that job seekers truly need.

As in the professional world, where your salary (should) grow with your experience – it’s unreasonable to be paid entry-level wages for executive-level leadership –the same principle applies in resume writing. Your investment in a resume should reflect the depth of experience and expertise you receive. Yes, there is room at the table for everyone, but quality shouldn’t be undervalued in favor of a cheaper price tag.

When seeking a resume writing service, keep in mind that it’s not just about the price; it’s about the value, expertise, and tailored excellence it can bring to your career. Remember, in the world of professional services, you often get what you pay for. Approach with caution when considering low-cost providers.

If you’re passionate about advancing in your career, I’d love to connect through a strategy call to assess if I’m the right writer for you.