Can a template, resume builder, or copy and paste mosaic of samples found on the internet paint a clear picture of what you have achieved throughout your career and help you define your value to an employer?

Even though every resume starts with the same basic information (Name, Contact and Employment Information), for many people, writing is not an easy task. A template or resume builder can certainly help get you started but an experienced resume writer will go beyond the basics by defining what you did along with your achievements. The end result is a resume that is formatted correctly AND highlights who you are (employment basics) and the value you offer (your achievements) in order to position you as “the candidate” for those jobs you are interested in pursuing.

Meeting the demands of today’s technology driven job search. Your resume needs to be readable (no fancy fonts or formatting), contain the right keywords for your job target, and highlight your strengths and achievements. Most companies are using applicant tracking system software for resume screening — ignoring the use of ATS software eliminates you from consideration of 70% of the jobs out there; therefore your resume needs to adhere to specific guidelines or it won’t be selected for further review.

Trying to save money? If you are extremely comfortable writing (correct grammar and punctuation with no spelling errors) and you can dig deeper than the basics on your own, the do-it-yourself resume can save you money. With that said, remember your resume is an integral part of your job search. If it is generic, it won’t get you the visibility needed to open doors. If it is formatted incorrectly, it will look like Egyptian hieroglyphics when picked up by ATS software and sent to the “trash”. Employers receive hundreds of applications. Your resume needs to be laser-focused and employer-ready. Trying to put together your own resume could ultimately cost you — time (longer job search) and money (lost wages).

Consider the numbers:
After the average 37-weeks of unemployment, YOU LOSE …
$28,453 (based upon annual salary of $40,000) – that is approx. $769 weekly and $110 daily
$39,146 (based upon annual salary of $55,000) – that is approx. $1058 weekly and $151 daily
$59,200 (based upon annual salary of $85,000) – that is approx. $1600 weekly and $233 daily

Job seekers are 40% more likely to get noticed with a professionally written resume (Forbes Magazine, Goudreu). Resume writing is about more than typesetting information. A true professional will have a comprehensive understanding of your career field and be able to craft a customized resume that will make you stand out from other applicants. They should have experience AND be certified through a well-known careers-

Tammy Shoup, CPRW

Tammy Shoup, CPRW

industry organization such as the Professional Association of Resume Writers, National Resume Writer’s Association, or Career Director’s International. Look for recommendations or testimonials on LinkedIn and ask if you will be working directly with your writer or will a team member take your information and pass it off to a writer.

Invest in your future. Cost drives decision-making but for the equivalent of one to three days earnings, you can have a document that will help you shorten your job search and land your next position.

If you need help developing or polishing your resume, Breakthrough Resume Writing Service is a virtual (online) business that offers assistance to people from around the globe. From the privacy of your own home, you can contact Tammy at

About the Author:

Tammy Shoup, Executive Director and Head Writer of Breakthrough Résumés, is among a small number of professional résumé writers in the U.S. who has earned the title of Certified Professional Résumé Writer from the Professional Association of Résumé Writers / Career Coaches.

Shoup is also a member of the National Résumé Writers’ Association and Career Directors International. Her activity in both organizations ensures that her knowledge of industry and employment trends remains current. It also indicates her dedication to continuing education in her industry. Her work is published in both JIST and Barron’s career books. Please review Shoup’s information at www.breakthroughrésumé or or inquire directly to Tammy Shoup at
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