Post-Interview Thank You Notes.

Are you wondering why you should send a thank-you note after your interview?
Are you unsure of what more there is to say?
Are you wondering if you send the note Snail-mail or Email?

The Power of a Thank You
A thank you note’s power is in the fact that it helps you further highlight the skills and qualifications you bring to the organization that are relative to their specific needs.

If you have decided you would enjoy tackling the challenges presented in the interview, you should send a brief note to thank the interviewer for their time and then highlight key areas of discussion that further solidify your expertise.

If you are not interested, that is ok too. You should still send a note thanking the interviewer for their time and letting them know that you do not feel you are a good fit for the position. If you like the company culture, make mention of your enthusiasm for the company and that you would be open to discussing other positions within their organization.

Style and Content
Your note should have the same look (style) as your resume and cover letter. The tone should be business like and it should build on the conversation from the interview. You should open with “thank you for your time”, mention the position for which you interviewed, and then highlight skills you have that will help them meet their goals and objectives. The information you use in the note should help strengthen your candidacy.

Snail-mail vs. Email
Either way, send your note within a few days of the interview (one week at the most). Any sooner and the note will seem like you don’t care what job you get as long as you snag one. Any later and the note may come across as if you were not really interested at first but other options didn’t pan out.

Although sending a thank-you note will not ensure you get the job, it will help you further create a favorable impression, impact your chances of securing the job, and help set you apart from other candidates.

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