As March rolls in, bringing with it the promise of spring, it’s not just our homes that could benefit from a little sprucing up. For mid-career professionals, this is the perfect time to give your LinkedIn profile a thorough spring cleaning and makeover. A high-impact LinkedIn profile is a critical component in a mid-career professional’s toolbox when they are looking to advance their careers or make a transition.

Here’s what you should look for and how to update your profile to ensure it reflects your professional brand and stands out to potential employers and connections.

100% Complete Profile:

Ensuring your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete is the first step towards making a strong impression. Completeness signals professionalism and attention to detail to anyone viewing your profile.

  • You’ve filled out all the required sections.
  • Added a professional profile picture, headline and summary along with work experience, education, and skills.

SEO Optimized Headline:

Your LinkedIn headline is your digital elevator pitch, conveying your value proposition and expertise in a few keywords.

Rather than simply listing your job title: Executive Resume Writer, use the 220 characters to incorporate specific skills and achievements: For instance, “Award-Winning Executive Resume Writer | Mid- + Senior-Level Career Resumes | Crafting Compelling Career Narratives | LinkedIn Profile Optimization Expert | Expert in Personal Branding for Mid-Career Professionals”.

Professional Profile Picture:

Your profile picture is often the first impression you make on LinkedIn so avoid using a casual ‘selfie’ and opt for a high-quality, polished photo.

  • Dress appropriately for your industry / role you are pursuing.
  • Choose a clean background and maintain a good posture and friendly expression.

A high-quality approachable photo can help make you more memorable to recruiters and potential connections.

Create a Summary to Wow Your Reader:

Your LinkedIn profile is not a repeat of your resume, but rather an opportunity to tell your professional story in a compelling and personal way.a group of wooden people standing in front of a red wooden figure

Use the 2,600 characters wisely to convey who you are, the value you offer, and what drives you professionally. Highlight key accomplishments, skills, and experiences that demonstrate your expertise and passion for your field.

For example, start with a brief introduction that captures your unique selling points and career goals.

  • Keep your narrative professional yet engaging, highlighting significant achievements, projects, and leadership roles.
  • Share your passions, values, and what motivates you in your career.
  • Conclude a call to action, inviting viewers to connect or learn more about your work.

Expand Experience:

Your LinkedIn profile isn’t merely a digital replica of your resume—it’s an opportunity to showcase your professional journey in a more nuanced and engaging way.

  • Use the experience section to dive deeper into your roles, projects, and accomplishments, providing insights that go beyond what’s listed on your resume.

Create a Branded Background Image:

A branded background image can further enhance your brand. Choose an image that aligns with your career goals or the company you work for. This could be a professional setting related to your industry or a subtle branding element that reinforces your personal brand.

By following these steps, mid-career professionals can ensure they have a high-impact LinkedIn presence that effectively communicates their value and expertise to potential employers and connections.

Remember to regularly update your profile to reflect your latest accomplishments and career goals and engage with your network to build meaningful relationships and opportunities.

Once you’ve reviewed your profile, it’s common for professionals to experience LinkedIn shyness. However, there are effective strategies to overcome it. Explore our comprehensive guide on building confidence and forging meaningful connections on LinkedIn here.


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