I’m sure you have seen at least one advertisement where a corporation shares their telephone contact information in the form of numbers and words. One such corporation is CVS. They advertise “if you have a question or want to give feedback, you can call the MinuteClinic at 866-389-ASAP” which translates to 866-389-2727. People remember the “ASAP” but have difficulty lining up the letters with numbers on their phone. It’s the “P” that always gets the potential MinuteClinic customer. How do I know? We receive MinuteClinic calls on a regular basis which translates into calls the MinuteClinic isn’t receiving.

What does this have to do with the individual who is seeking new employment? It demonstrates how vital it is for your contact information to be clearly stated. It doesn’t matter is you are a large corporation, a small business, or an individual who is seeking interviews. Before sending out your resume, make sure your contact information is correctly formatted and clearly stated on all of your documents.

To ensure you get calls — remember your resume should follow current writing guidelines, your phone number should be caller-friendly  (a number where you can be easily reached) and your email should be set up as a hyperlink so the employer can contact you with the click of a mouse.

About the Author:

Tammy Shoup, Executive Director and Head Writer of Breakthrough Résumés, is among a small number of professional résumé writers in the U.S. who has earned the title of Certified Professional Résumé Writer from the Professional Association of Résumé Writers / Career Coaches. Her firm is the country’s leading Christian resume writing service dedicated to helping Pastoral Candidates and Ministry Workers develop dynamic job search documents that win interviews.

Shoup is also a member of the National Résumé Writers’ Association and Career Directors International. Her activity in both organizations ensures that her knowledge of industry and employment trends remains current. It also indicates her dedication to continuing education in her industry. Her work is published in both JIST and Barron’s career books. Please review Shoup’s information at www.breakthroughrésumés.com or www.tammyshoup.com or inquire directly to Tammy Shoup at awordpro@aol.com

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