LinkedIn is a powerful workhorse in your job search arsenal and the key to effectively presenting your brand on this social platform is knowing the number of characters available in each section of your profile.

LinkedIn continues to evolve, and, with these latest updates, LinkedIn announced, “Sharing your professional journey in an authentic and engaging way is the starting point for connecting with the communities that matter most to you. That’s why we have re-imagined how you can bring your professional story to life on LinkedIn and are introducing tools to help you create a more expressive and inclusive Profile.”

First, let’s review your basic profile info.

Basic Info Character Count

First Name: 20 Characters
Last Name: 40 Characters

Below are the enhancements + new features that will help you accentuate your personal brand:LinkedIn 2021 Updates

Headline Expansion – 220 Characters Desktop │ 240 Characters Mobile

The words used in your headline help you rank higher in searches and are key to your findability. LinkedIn has boosted the number of characters available in your headline from 120 to 220 on the desktop version and 240 characters on the mobile app.

A great LinkedIn headline formula to use to bolster your findability is:
Role Keyword + Value to Audience + Impact

Sales + Business Development Executive > Enable Market Expansion + Growth > Deliver $250M in Additional Revenue for Online Retailers YoY > Steer Teams in Achieving Record-Breaking Sales Month-Over-Month

New Audio Button – Clarify the Pronunciation of Your Name

LinkedIn has added an audio button (located near your name at the top of your profile) you can use to record a 10-second audio of how to pronounce your name.

To add a recording, you need to use the mobile app. Click the pencil to the right of your profile photo to open the edit function. You will see the +Record Name Pronunciation under your name fields.
Hold the blue microphone button to record (remember your message needs to be less than 10-seconds).
Click again to listen to the recording. Much like recording the greeting on your voicemail, you can preview your message and accept (apply) or re-record (retake).

Multimedia Feature Enhancements

LinkedIn has added a Featured section where you can add share your most relevant images, videos, PDFs, to reinforce your brand message.  Think of “Features” as a was to further highlight your zone of genius and make sure to update it regularly.

About Me Character Count Raised to 2,600

The character count for your ‘About Me’ (Summary) Section has increased from 2,000 to 2,600 characters giving more space to tell your career story.

Your ‘about me’ is a sales page; therefore, keep your audience in mind when writing this section and maintain focus on the value you bring to the table.

Summary Formula: Hook + Passion + Pain You Solve/Impact You’ve Made + Personality.

Hook: Create a strong opening sentence that will hook the reader and set the stage for further explanation.
Passion: Write a quick summary introducing the reader to who you are.
Pain: Present your value proposition –the value you deliver/the pain you solve and highlight the impact you’ve made along the way.
Personality: Sprinkle in what you enjoy.

Remember, your profile summary isn’t a copy and paste from your resume. It is a less formal version written in the first person and strengthens your online presence + candidacy for the role you are pursuing. The goal is to make you memorable.

Audit your profile regularly and use these 4 Steps to Help You Gain Visibility on LinkedIn.

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