I know I’m off the beaten path right now but I want to encourage you to relax a little. Perhaps you enjoy gardening, listening to music, boating, fishing or reading.


Sometimes we just need to take a break so we can return to the task at hand with a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of commitment. You can be encouraged, inspired, motivated, and / or transformed via Christian fiction. Sharing works of fiction from the following authors is always a privilege for me. If you haven’t done so already, pick up one, two or a few of their novels, and ENJOY!


Karen Kingsbury

You will be hard pressed to find a book in the Kingsbury collection that isn’t life changing. Karen’s passion, honesty, and creativity shine through in her dynamic works of fiction. Both her stand-alone novels and series of books reach into your soul and awaken your emotional landscape. If you haven’t done so already, pick up a Kingsbury novel and prepare yourself for an enjoyable read.


Dee Henderson

Each book in the O’Malley series will lead you to places of self-discovery through the main character’s true-to-life challenges. The seven O’Malleys forged a family bond growing up at the Trevor House Orphanage. Each book introduces an O’Malley sibling and their personal struggles, doubts, and desires. Dee’s romantic suspense novels push through boundaries, and convey new truths that will get you thinking and draw you closer to God.


Francine Rivers

Francine’s fictional writings tackle the emotional and spiritual side of life. Her novels The Atonement Child, The Scarlet Thread, and The Shofar Blew are contemporary works that challenge the reader’s beliefs and reactions to 21st century situations. Redeeming Love

will transport the reader back in time and parallel God’s unceasing love for us. Awaken your emotions and be prepared to experience God through fiction.


Jeannete Windle

If you are looking for something different, pick up a Jeanette Windle novel. Her international, political suspsense novels are must reads. CrossFire, FireStorm, the DMZ, and Betrayed are fast-paced, hard-to-put down thrillers that satisfy the senses and ultimately feed the soul. Her tag line is “International Intrigue with an Inspirational Message”. I, for one, devour each of her books and long for the next one.