Job Search Strategies: From Layoffs to Personal Branding

This week, I ventured into the realm of sharing daily job search strategies through LinkedIn videos. It was a new experience for me, overcoming the discomfort of speaking to a camera to connect with a wider audience. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the topics I covered, each aimed at equipping job seekers with essential tools for navigating today’s competitive job market.

Day 1: Steps to Prepare for Layoff

The first video addressed the unsettling but realistic topic of layoffs and proactive steps to prepare. In today’s volatile job market, preparation is key:

  • Keeping your resume and LinkedIn profile updated.
  • Maintaining an active presence on social media to enhance visibility.
  • Building genuine, trust-based relationships within your network.

Day 2: Ethics in Online Networking

Networking as a  job search strategy is powerful when conducted with integrity and respect:

  • Being authentic and building relationships based on trust.
  • Respecting boundaries and avoiding unsolicited messages.
  • Offering value to your network rather than just seeking favors.

Day 3: Being Heard Amidst the Digital Noise

Navigating the digital world requires strategies to stand out:

  • Creating valuable content that resonates.
  • Engaging actively with your network and participating in discussions.
  • Contributing rather than merely requesting assistance.

Day 4: The Critical Component of Personal Branding

Personal branding isn’t daunting; it’s what distinguishes you:

  • Showcasing your unique value proposition through your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Maintaining consistency across all platforms.
  • Articulating your career journey and how you add value to employers.

Day 5: Ensuring Your Online Presence Aligns with Your Personal Brand

The final video focused on aligning your online presence with your personal brand:

  • Ensuring your LinkedIn profile complements, not duplicates, your resume.
  • Infusing your profile with personality while maintaining professionalism.
  • Highlighting achievements without disclosing confidential company information.

Sharing these videos pushed me outside my comfort zone as a writer, engaging more deeply with my network. Behind the keyboard, I truly am a real person!


DM me to explore personalized strategies for mastering your job search journey—from navigating layoffs to building a standout personal brand. Let’s unlock your career potential together!