Is your resume being overlooked? 21 (2)

Resume styles have changed and continue to change. What was once cutting-edge is now, more than likely, old school and something else has taken its place. Yes, the staples have remained the same — your resume includes contact information, employment and academic information. But today’s resume goes beyond the staples and it can be quite challenging when you are faced with deciding what to include, what to leave off and what format to use.

If you want to win interviews, your document needs to keep pace with the changing times. For starters, if your document includes any of the following, it needs to be revised and modernized!

Objective Statement – Use the opening of your resume to introduce the reader to who you are and why you are qualified. Tailor the information to the type of position you are seeking. An objective statement is about what you are seeking. Today’s resume is about what you offer and how your actions garner results!

Job Duties – Resumes that simply list job duties are outdated. Place your focus on the value you offer – tie actions with outcomes!

Older non-related Employment – Employers are not likely to be interested in processes / procedures used more than 10 to 15 years ago. Ask yourself — is it recent? is it relevant?

Salary Requirements / References – This type of information does not belong on your resume. If an employer asks, respond to their request using separate documents.


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