How to work with Breakthrough Resume Writing Service and your Certified Master Resume Writer.

Are you wondering if working with a resume writing service is the right move for you? The simple, straight-forward answer is: You deserve every advantage in your job search. The data-backed answer is: Candidates who invested in a professionally written resume had a higher rate of success in their job search, including:

  • A 32% higher rate of finding a job than those who wrote their resume themselves.
  • Additionally, 68% secured their new role within 90 days of having their resume professionally written.
  • And, 42% of the candidates moved on to a higher-level position.

The bottom-line: Working with a credentialed and experienced resume writer can significantly increase your chances of winning more interviews and securing your next role faster. Who doesn’t want that?

 Finding the right executive resume writer a challenge. Here is what you can expect from

As a certified master resume writer, certified hidden job market coach, and a certified digital brand strategist, I’ve been on a mission to empower job seekers through the written words since earning my first professional certification in 1997. Writing styles + job search trends come and go, but my commitment to my clients’ success has always stayed the same —writing really great resumes that help people land the role of their dreams. Truly, there is nothing else like using the power of words to skyrocket an individual’s potential to win interviews!

Personalized Resume Writing Process

Breakthrough Resume Writing Service has a writing process that helps unbridle your career story and we serve as a partner in positioning you for the role you are targeting. Through this customer-focused process, we guide you in unearthing your unique value and brand message and then we tackle the crafting of your executive resume, bio, LinkedIn profile, and other career documents.

It’s important you know WHO will be writing your resume.

Our process guides you through a series of questions that proactively help you prepare for the interview process by identifying your strengths and evading your weaknesses.

Our goal is to write a resume that goes to work for you via a collaborative process that produces a narrative that answers your target employer’s questions, “who are you + what value do you promise to deliver?”

Personalized Service: Unlike firms that outsource their work, I work one-on-one with my clients and only accept a few projects per month. I do this to ensure my clients have the clarity and confidence they need to succeed in a competitive marketplace. And, that takes a process beyond repackaging your employment history. It means digging deep to unearth your distinguishing value, framing your employment history with context surrounding the challenges you faced in each role, AND unpacking your quantifiable achievements.

Client Profile: My clients come from diverse backgrounds, most are seeking a mid-management or senior-level role, but ALL are competitive, driven to succeed, and serious about wanting to stand out from their competition. No matter the level of employment or industry, all my clients want a high-impact resume that aligns with their career goals and will help them land interviews and advance their career.

You are READY to make a change. You know you need your resume + supporting documents to shine.

Interested in pursuing working with I have outlined how to get started with us below:

Step One: Getting Started with Our Top-Level Resume Writing Service

Review our resume writing service package options and select the option that aligns with your target employment level.

– Are you a supervisor or new manager, ready to transition to a new role? Choose the Professional Resume Service Package

– Are you already management-level and ready to take the next step in your career? Choose the Mid-Level Manager Resume Package.

– Are you at the senior-level, with a wealth of accomplishments and an exceptional career story? Choose the Senior-Level Resume Service Package.

Our comprehensive packages include a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile refresh. We also offer a la carte services. Contact us if you need help choosing the right resume service level.

Step Two: Place Your Order via Our Secure Paypal Portal

Add your service level to your cart and place your order online. Paypal accepts major credit cards and offers a buy now, pay-over-time option to qualified buyers.

Step Three: Expect an Email

We will reach out within 24 business hours to provide you with next steps, including asking you for a copy of your old resume and other career marketing documents if available. If not, no worries!

Want to get started faster? Email your old documents to after signing up with our service.


Your writing style and creativeness helped land me my current position within 10 days!”

Want to know what others say? Check out our additional endorsements.

Step Four: Next Step Instructions

Upon receiving your payment + existing documents, we will go to work for you by creating our proprietary CareerMap that will help you unbridle your unique value offer + core skills + career stories. By providing us with value + accomplishment-rich data points, we can focus on translating your story into a meaningful narrative that will help you connect with your target audience.

Each step of the way, you work directly with Tammy, an award-winning, multi-certified master resume writer, certified hidden job market coach + certified digital brand strategist. Breakthrough Resumes does not outsource your writing to subcontractors and we only tackle a few projects each month.

Please be aware of these terms + conditions.

Cancellation + Refunds: Because of the nature of this work (it is a customized service and not a product that can be resold), once the documents are released via email, Breakthrough Resume Writing Service, LLC cannot offer refunds to clients. Full payment is required up front.

Project Commencement: All projects must start within 60 days of receiving payment. Otherwise, payment is forfeited because we work to capacity and when we have reached project capacity for the month, we turn clients away. Upon payment, you are making a commitment to work with us and we are scheduling + dedicating time and resources to work with you; therefore, we must receive your CareerMap within the 60 day window from the day your CareerMap was released to you via email.

Delivery Delays:  All work to be completed in a timely manner subject to acts of God, mechanical failure or other circumstances beyond the control of Breakthrough Resume Writing Service, LLC. Again, we work to capacity and do everything within our power to delivery your documents as scheduled.

Errors + Omissions: Tammy Shoup/Breakthrough Resume Writing Service, LLC is not responsible for errors on client originals or for errors after proofreading by the client.  Client’s discretionary revisions are subject to additional charges.

If you want to make sure I am available, schedule a discovery call.

Step Five: Your Package Is Ready

Our turnaround time is approximately 15 – 20 business days from receipt of the completed CareerMap (in step three) depending upon capacity.

  • Review your portfolio of career marketing documents and provide feedback for edits/corrections.
  • You don’t need to rush with your review. You have 5 business days to review and circle back in honing your career story + brand message —and we ask that you take your time and be diligent in your review as you have two (2) rounds of edits available.
  • A few tweaks here and there are a normal part of the process, but more often than not, everything is on target as you’ve invested time upfront.

“Tammy, this looks great, I love the format and language! … some small edits/fixes … Thanks again for your expertise and assistance throughout this process.”

Step 6: Final Thoughts on Hiring a Certified Master Resume Writer

Everyone has an opinion about what a resume should be and/or look like. Many of these opinions are based on outdated information —“your resume should be one page” > “you need an objective statement” > “your document needs to be optimized to beat the bots”

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Friends and family are well-meaning, but have they stayed up to date on career services?

The multi-certified professional resume writers I know are experts in the field and will work with you in creating a document that translates your skills and experience into a value-focused resume.