Being laid off is never an easy situation to go through, and it can be difficult to know how to handle it. It can be tempting to give into emotions —anger, fear, hopelessness—but that won’t help you move forward.

According to a recent LinkedIn survey, nearly 40% of US workers said they “are nervous about being laid off”.

Instead, a better approach is to be strategic about your next steps and make the most out of the opportunity in front of you. How do I know? I’ve been through it and, on the other side, can be the role you’ve been dreaming about. Here are some tips on how to handle being laid off.

Pause to Process

When handling a layoff, it is important not to lead with your emotions. It is normal to feel angry or frustrated when facing such an unexpected event; however, letting these emotions guide your reactions may not be beneficial in the long run.

Instead of making any rash decisions or comments out of anger or frustration, take the time to think things through strategically and calmly assess what your best course of action should be.

Strategize Your Next Steps | This Could Be Your Opportunity to Pivot 

Once you have taken a step back from the situation and worked through the initial shock of being handed a pink slip, start strategizing your next steps.

The silver lining of being laid off is that it gives you an opportunity to reflect on what comes next. Strategizing your next steps will give you the chance of really considering where and how you want your career path to go from here.

Consider taking this opportunity as an invitation to explore different avenues for career advancement that could open up possibilities you hadn’t previously considered.

Maybe this could even be your chance take a big leap and pivot in your career path! Consider new skills that you could learn or ways that you could combine existing skills in unique ways.

You never know – this could become one of the best things that has ever happened for your professional life!

Create a Job Search Strategy | Time + Method 

Now it’s time to start looking for new job opportunities. Start by researching potential employers who are hiring for positions similar to yours or jobs that require skillsets related to yours.

Then create a plan for staying organized during job hunting – set aside specific times during each day dedicated solely for job searching activities such as networking, applying for jobs, researching companies etc.

Break down activities into smaller tasks so they don’t feel too overwhelming. Also consider using different methods when searching for jobs such as online job boards, recruiters or attending events/career fairs which can increase visibility and chances of finding employment quickly.

Get Connected | Network, Network, Network 

When looking for jobs post-layoff, one of the most important things is getting connected with other professionals in your field who may be able to provide valuable insight into potential opportunities or new career paths that may be available for someone like yourself with similar skillsets or experiences.

The importance of networking cannot be overstated – especially when navigating an unexpected career transition like being laid off.

Reach out people within your network who have made similar career changes before or those in positions where you would like eventually land yourself in future – ask them questions about their experience and advice on how they navigated changing roles/positions successfully?

Connecting with people who are already familiar with hiring process at certain organizations can also prove helpful in securing employment quicker than usual since they will likely provide insider knowledge which may lead you directly towards available openings at their own employers or elsewhere!

Being laid off is most always emotionally challenging but it doesn’t have to mean disaster if handled correctly!

By taking a proactive approach towards managing negative emotions while strategizing next steps and creating an organized job search strategy , you will be better positioned to move forward and achieve career success post-layoff. With the proper approach, you can turn potential setback into a major career win!

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