When it comes to steering corporate initiatives, you know the importance of having great people on your team. It’s not enough to have someone who is capable and experienced; you need the best of the best to propel your organization forward. The same applies when it comes to resume writing.

Hiring a resume writer is an investment in your future, therefore, it is important to take the time to find someone who goes above and beyond when crafting your document.

The best of the best in resume writing understand the nuances of crafting a well-written document that helps position the candidate for their next role in the best light possible. But how do you distinguish between a mediocre resume writer and a great one? Here are some tips.

Mediocre Resume Writers Have a One-Size-Fits-All Mindset

The truth is, not all resume writers are created equal and there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to crafting the perfect resume—it takes time, dedication, and an eye for detail. Every job seeker is unique, which means that every job seeker should have a unique resume.

Crafting a resume requires a deep understanding of what makes a candidate stand out in today’s competitive job market.

Mediocre resume writers use cookie-cutter templates to streamline their writing process they simply make minor changes from an existing resume without taking into account any new information or details that may be relevant for the job seeker’s current career goals / target audience. Keep in mind, 36% of resumes are rejected for being too generic and  32% that copy excessive wording from the job description.

Fast turnaround times + low price points are a red flag the writer is relying on generic templates.

Mediocre Resume Writers Write Multiple Documents Weekly

Quality work requires time and the best resume writers always put quality first as they strive to produce an outstanding document that authentically represents the applicant’s skills, knowledge, and experience and they highlight the job seeker’s unique value.

There is often a lot of research involved in creating an effective document and that takes time …

Time to

  • gather the relevant details before beginning work on your project, rather than just implementing quick fixes or throwing together generic words and phrases that could negatively impact your chances of success.
  • carefully examine the job seeker’s experience, achievements, and qualifications before weaving them together into a succinct narrative with laser sharp focus on the desired outcome.
  • craft a compelling career story that ignites interest from potential employers.
  • create a resume that truly reflects who the job seeker is and aligns their career accomplishments in a clear way to maximize the candidate’s chances of securing interviews with their target employers.
  • pay attention not only to facts and figures but also subtle nuances such as tone, voice, and overall presentation style that can help ensure the document stands out from other applications.
  • design visually appealing documents that capture attention while still conveying all the necessary information effectively and succinctly.

When your goal is to take the next step in your career, you need a writer who will go beyond just taking information off your existing resume. You need a writer who will ask questions about your goals, experience, skills, and more in order to gain a full picture of who you are as an individual—and then craft a document that shows off those unique qualities in an attractive way that will ignite interest from an employer.

Mediocre Resume Writers Are Comfortable

Finding a professional resume writer that excels in helping their customers move forward in their career requires some effort but it is worth it– after all, this person may potentially be helping you land your dream job!

Mediocre resume writers are comfortable with basic resume standards —a template with the name bolded at the top, a generic summary, and laundry-list work history that is responsibilities-focused rather than value rich.

When looking for someone who can write an effective document on your behalf, make sure you look for someone who takes quality seriously; someone who takes their time researching your background and qualifications; and someone with excellent attention to detail so they can craft an attractive document tailored specifically for you and the job opportunity at hand.

Remember, crafting an effective resume requires more than just writing skills; it requires an understanding of what makes you stand out as a candidate for the role you are pursuing.Tips to Spotting a Mediocre Resume Writer

At the end of the day, finding the best resume writer is all about knowing what you want—and being willing to invest the necessary resources into making it happen. If you take the time to look for someone who truly cares about what they do for work and does it well, you can rest assured they’ll be able to help put together a top-quality resume that will help position you for success in your next role.

If you need assistance crafting a winning resume, don’t hesitate to  Contact Breakthrough Resumes. We are here ready willing and able to help mid– and senior-level job seekers get noticed!