There is a new “Quit Your Job” app that gives people the option of texting their employer their decision to quit. Yes, having “that” talk with your employer may be stressful but it also shows respect AND may leave the door open for future contact.

Tammy Shoup, CPRW

Tammy Shoup, CPRW

It has always been important to cultivate and maintain your professional image and, in a world that is more connected now than ever before, it is even more paramount.

Using an app to quit your job impacts your networking possibilities, future references, and the potential for rehire should you have difficulty finding other employment.
When you make the difficult (or easy depending upon the situation) decision to leave your current position, you should strive to leave a good last impression. Unsure of how to exit gracefully? Here are a few tips.

• Talk with your department manager in person to let them know of your decision.

•Give two weeks notice especially if you are in a management position, are a project lead, or have expertise in a key area. – Leaving with a moment’s notice may sound like a great idea but it can have more of a negative impact on you than on the employer.

• Consider leaving a document that details your job responsibilities, contact names/numbers, and other related information. OR, offer to train your successor (in person or remotely via phone calls or other technology).

• Wrap up projects you have been working on so the new employee can start fresh.

• After you have given your two-week notice, let others in the company know of your decision.

By doing the above, you are now open to connecting with your boss and colleagues on social media (including LinkedIn), asking for a favorable reference, and tapping into their networks for help with future employment. Another benefit of leaving a good last impression is the potential for rehire.

Best in 2014! — Tammy

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