When you are searching for your next management role, it is up to you to prove you are the best General Manager, Plant Manager, Regional Manager, Operations Manager, Program Manager. To help decision-makers see your value, here are 3 quick steps to get you on the right track and prove you’re the best candidate for the management role you are pursuing.

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Reframe Your Thinking

All too often, the standard when searching for a job is “applying to any company who is hiring.” It’s your job as a job seeker to clarify the type of company / role you want to attract. A manufacturing firm seeking a Plant Manager needs a different management skill set than a marketing firm seeking a Social Media Manager.

Without a target, you won’t be able to speak to the specific needs of the company or highlight what skills and experiences you have that the employer will value. At the management level, you need to clearly articulate your value and how your strengths and key contributions are a great fit for the employer.

Clarify + Find Alignment

There’s a saying in marketing, “the riches are in the niches” (Pat Flynn). Again, many job seekers believe casting a wide net will give a better chance of getting noticed and winning interviews; however, this a mistake. Actually, by narrowing your focus, you are positioning yourself to connect with employers because they are seeking the solution you can provide.

  • Determine the role you are targeting.
  • Perform research to source what managerial skills are needed for the role + what challenges companies are facing.
  • Use job postings + role descriptions as a guide to find alignment.

Get Laser-Focused on the Employer’s Needs

The last step is focusing on the value you bring to the table that meets the employer’s needs. Your resume isn’t really about you (your career aspirations + past experiences). It is a marketing piece that speaks to the prospective employers’ challenges + needs. A resume that makes it easy for employers to see you are the solutions provider they are seeking —placing the focus on the results you’ve delivered in past roles and directly aligning similar outcomes to prove you can provide solutions to the challenges they are facing— is the one that will win interviews.

  • Shift the focus from responsibilities held to value offered.
  • Align and then promote experience + qualifications needed by the employer.
  • Avoid using generic keywords and phrases to fluff up your resume and stay focused on proving alignment between your skills + experiences and the employer’s needs.

The goal is to ‘show’ potential employers how you are a fit with their needs, catapulting you to the front of the interview list.

Employers are ‘targeting’ candidates —seeking a particular skill set —to fill a specific role. If you are looking to land that management role, let’s review 3 quick things you can do to set yourself apart from your competition.

First, reframe your thinking from casting a wide net to narrowing your target.

Next, clarify your target and then perform research to determine where your passions + experience are aligned with the targeted role / company needs.

Finally, laser-focus on the value you bring to the new role by providing proof of your ability to deliver in your past roles. Employers already know what tasks + responsibilities are associated with the role. The key to job search success is articulating your value throughout your resume by providing metrics and data that backup your candidacy.

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