AThe goal of your resume is not to communicate your past work history … it is to communicate your value to your next employer.

What Is A Certified Master Resume Writer?Signature Resume

This writer certification is an international credential and is the oldest master-level resume writing credential in existence, starting in 2000.

Professional resume writers who have earned this designation have mastered how to artfully articulate the candidate’s career story, infusing the document with metrics and data and providing the reader with the context needed to authenticate your accomplishments.

How Do I Know If a Professional Resume Writer Is Right For Me?

The simple, straight-forward answer is: You deserve every advantage in your job search.

The data-backed answer is: Candidates who invested in a professional resume had a higher rate of success, including:
• A 32% higher rate of finding a job than those who wrote their resume themselves.
• Additionally, 68% secured their new role within 90 days of having their resume professionally written.
• And, 42% of the candidates moved on to a higher-level position.

The bottom-line: Working with a credentialed and experienced resume writer can significantly increase your chances of winning more interviews and securing your next role faster. Who doesn’t want that?

Indications You Need a Pro in Your Corner

If you’ve been searching for your next role for a while now and you haven’t had much, if any, success, it is time you seek out the help from a credentialed professional resume writer. Your resume + supporting documents should help recruiters and hiring managers find YOU!

Perhaps you don’t enjoy the writing process or you are uncertain of what you should include in a modern resume and what you should leave off.

Today’s resumes go beyond listing your employment data. They are branded, keyword optimized for your title / industry, and tell your unique career story.

A certified career storyteller will help you:

– Gain clarity, confidence, and control of your job search.
– Identify your strengths and unleash your career story so you can reach your job search goals faster.
– Articulate your value proposition via a branded resume, cover letter, executive bio, and LinkedIn profile that is UNIQUE to YOU. Not a copy + paste template version.
– Create a strategy to highlight to your strengths + qualifications, incorporating the right keywords for your position and industry.

When you leverage the knowledge and expertise of a credential professional resume writer, you gain an advantage.

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