If you are having trouble writing your resume, remember your ministry resume should be focused around who you are (as a person), your experience (within the church), your beliefs (ministry philosophy), and your credentials (licensing, ordination, academic training).


We cannot say enough how important it is to create a focused document that showcases your key skills and experiences. A good many jobseekers try to keep the door open by creating a generic document. More often than not, this tactic lands the resume in the “no” file. Be open to God’s Call and the leading of the Holy Spirit and then put pen to paper and highlight your key abilities that provide an answer to an employer’s needs.


Connect with the reader by painting a portrait of who you are. What are some of your best characteristics? Are you a visionary? Energetic? Focused? Show your heart for service to both the church and the community.


Engage the reader through giving examples of your most relevant work. If you are bi-vocational, create two sections. The first should relate your ministry experience in reverse-chronological order (recent-to-old). Part-time, volunteer, and internship experience should be used too (unless it is more than 15 years old). The second employment section (if bi-vocational) should list your secular work experience in reverse-chronological order. Focus on skills that are used in both employment settings — communication, team building, and leadership skills give the reader of glimpse of your related skills and experience.


Focus your education and ministerial section on the degree / certification held. What year? What institution? Recent grads should include GPA and any honors received and may include a list of coursework completed that is related to the job situation they are seeking. Older individuals do not need to list this type of information as, more often than not, their years of experience offers the reader all the insight needed.


Follow up with your personal information and references.


Pastoral candidates and ministry workers need to give the reader a more personal view of their vision for the ministry, their Christian life, and work experiences. A focused document will pique their interest and prompt them to call YOU for an interview!


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Tammy Shoup, CPRW


Tammy Shoup, CPRW is a Christian Resume Writer dedicated to helping Pastoral Candidates, Ministry Workers, and Christian Job Seekers launch a successful job search campaign. She is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), Member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and National Résumé Writer’s Association. She is also a past member of the Christian Writer’s Guild.