Yes, there are 5 things you NEED to know to prepare for a job search during COVID – I’m here to help you get a job during COVID!

As a certified master resume writer, I am here to tell you the facts about job searches during COVID and what’s working for my clients.

Are you thinking about launching a job search during this time of uncertainty?

Have you put your career aspirations on hold due to COVID?
Or, have you been laid off or furloughed because of the pandemic?

YES – YOU Can Get the Job You Want During COVID

Before you start writing your resume / preparing for your job search, there are 5 things you need to know.

Fluctuating unemployment numbers are expected to continue throughout the end of 2020 and into 2021, and while the pandemic is new, looking for work in a challenging job market is not. Historical data reveals the ebb and flow of the job market in response to economic pressures. Now the pressure is coming from COVID-19.

Current employment isn’t an indicator of a long-term security with some companies announcing further layoffs and furloughs as the pandemic stretches into Q4 of 2020. The key to survival is always being prepared for what is next and that means updating your resume and LinkedIn profile on a regular basis and taking the time to track and document your accomplishments.

While updates to your resume can be done throughout the year, the month of September is a great time to set aside some time to analyze your transferable skills and experience and is of particular importance if you are in an industry that has been negatively affected by the pandemic. (Read more about “International Update Your Resume Month here:

Here are the top 5 Things You Need to Know to Prepare for a Job Search During COVID:

  • Companies are still looking to hire problem solvers and your resume needs to make your value obvious.
  • Your network is a key component in your job search and having an optimized LinkedIn profile will help you attract more opportunities and secure interviews.
  • Interviewing is more likely to be virtual (rather than in person).
  • HR staffers are likely to be working remotely and coordinating the hiring process can take more time than it did before the pandemic.
  • Temporary and short-term positions may be more plentiful. Companies may be wary of taking on permanent, full-time employees when their future is uncertain, yet they still have needs to fulfill.

Even though the process may have changed, companies are still hiring so don’t write off working with recruiters or tapping into the hidden job market because of the current situation.

Laid Off?

If you’ve been laid off from an industry that is struggling (hospitality — restaurants, airlines, resorts, hotels, and conference centers — a college or university that faced budget cuts, or the retail industry turn your focus to companies that are meeting pandemic-specific needs that are hiring for temporary, part-time, and short-term employees to bridge the gap. Shipping and delivery companies, grocery stores, and healthcare facilities are hiring. Information technology and technical support roles are in high demand, and the pandemic has bolstered a stronger interest in the RV industry.

Your mindset is a key component in your job search, and it is critical you remember that even though there are companies that are hiring, there may still be uncertainty. Along with that comes a hiring timeline that is longer and an interview process that looks very different than what was done in the past.

To source leads, search job aggregator sites (, or LinkedIn ( ) and you will see hundreds of available opportunities.


Retail stores were particularly hit hard by the pandemic and initially furloughed thousands of employees. Without the usual wave of shoppers, some are now permanently closing hundreds of stores across North America (think SteinMart. Justice, Lane Bryant, Loft, Ann Taylor). If you are still on furlough, defining your career goal + updating your resume + developing a job search strategy NOW is in your best interest, so you can immediately start applying for positions if you are handed a pink slip.

Having the right mindset before you start your search (i.e. switching your focus to a temporary/short-term role and knowing the hiring process is slower) and taking a proactive approach mixed in with a lot of patience, you will be better positioned for a successful job search!

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