Looking for strategies for executing a crisis-driven job search? You just found 5 proven strategies! Keep reading.

Hello friends, I’m Tammy Shoup – a certified master resume writer. Today, I’m giving you free professional advice to get you hired during a crisis-driven job search.

Strategies for Executing a Crisis-Driven Job Search:

Although hiring is improving, the Covid-19 pandemic has triggered the layoff of thousands of employees and has prompted company closures and fast-paced pivots. All of which have left employees surprised, frustrated, and feeling anxious and helpless. Searching for a new job is hardly ever fun, but you can overcome layoff and reduce the stress and anxiety associated with looking for your next position by following this 5-step strategy:

Step One: Be Clear on Your Needs

If you don’t know where you are going, you are going to meander around aimlessly until you figure it out! The very first step is defining your career goals. The more specific you can be about the type of opportunity you are seeking, the more likely you are to find it!

Take some time to define what you are looking for in your next role. What size company do you prefer? Small and intimate or a large corporation with group units or team settings? Do you prefer working remotely or need a specific schedule to meet the needs of your family?

Establishing a list of criteria will help you build a strong job search foundation.

Step Two: Create a Target List of Companies That Are Hiring or In Need

Once you have your target list created, set up Google Alerts to get informed about news affecting your ideal employers. Performing research is essential (you wouldn’t want to target a company currently not hiring due to COVID-19) and following your target companies on LinkedIn is a wise step to take. You can even subscribe to the company’s emails, blog, and other social media channels.

Step Three: Focus On Your Strengths

All companies have problems they need to solve and seek employees who can solve them. CEOs position companies for success. Sales leaders optimize market potential and generate revenue. Human Resources Managers improve employee culture. Customer service personnel answer questions and keep customers happy.

When crafting your signature resume, think beyond what tasks you perform and look for the impact you’ve made! The value you offer is what is going to win you interviews, not your past duties.

How do your skills and experience benefit the employer? What are your top accomplishments that you would like to do more of?

Even if you are shifting into a new field, assess your work history and connect the dots between your skills + expertise and your target employer’s needs. If you find you are lacking, seek out opportunities for additional training.

Step Four: Nurture Your Network

Did you know that up to 80% of available jobs are never publicly advertised? This is one of the reasons you should move networking to the top of your job search to-do list, especially during times of uncertainty and high unemployment.

Take the time to build a network of allies and champions that support and advocate for you (and you should do the same for them) and be strategic about who you connect with, what organizations you join, and events you attend. In the process of becoming involved, find ways to nurture your connections (stay in touch through social media, phone calls, Zoom or FaceTime, email, texting, and LinkedIn messaging), and offer to help them.

Step Five: Adapt to an Evolving Job Search Landscape

As the world adapts and overcomes the challenges a global pandemic has thrown our way, prepare for non-traditional scenarios –online job interviews, a longer hiring process, job offers put on hold.

More than likely your interview will be virtual but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare! Find a quiet place to set up your interview space and then practice with a friend via Zoom or FaceTime. When it is time for the actual interview, dress appropriately!

Companies are pivoting and you need to be prepared to meet and interact with prospective employers virtually.

The most important thing you can do NOW is lay the groundwork so you are fully prepared. Even if your job hasn’t been affected by the pandemic or you’re not interested in changing jobs right now, create a plan for the future and maintain an updated resume.

September is “International Update Your Resume Month”…. don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile too!

I hope you found these strategies for executing a crisis-driven job search useful and put them into action! If not, I’m here to provide the critical resume writing services you need. I completely understand it can be overwhelming to write a well-researched resume in times like these. You may not have the time or understand the verbiage on resumes that excite employers.

Imagine having a resume that employers spot in a stack of candidates that motivates them to immediately call you for an interview! That’s the type of resumes I write for all my clients. Check out my resume writing packages today!