When you make the decision to start searching for your next management-level role, more than likely your first inclination is to rush ahead by updating your resume, searching job sites for potential roles, and then uploading your document to every post you’ve found.

If you are looking for your next opportunity, here’s what you need to know to fast-track your mid-management job search in 2022.

1. Know What You Want + What You Don’t
Your first step is getting crystal clear on what your ideal position looks like —what you like about your current role, what you don’t; what details and responsibilities you are willing to compromise on, and, just as importantly, what you don’t want to concede.

Example: Pros: Leading teams, Shaping Strategies to Move Organizations Forward, Managing Budgets.
Cons: Dislike Travel (no multi-site operations); Segmented / Siloed Organizations.

2. Formulate A Plan of Action
A well thought out plan and benchmarking your efforts will help you shorten your job search time. What search methods will you be deploying and how much time will you devote to each? What is going well? What needs to be changed? Am I getting first-round interviews, but not second? Am I getting inter views but no offers?

Managing the process is a key component to your success.

3. Create A Competitive Resume
2022 is projected to be a candidate’s market with an expedited hiring process.

Modernize your resume by going beyond listing your job description, tasks, and responsibilities and place the emphasis on the quantitative results and impact you’ve made in each role. Provide scope by including employer information (what are they known for?) along with your staff size, budgetary / P&L responsibility. Don’t forget to include your contact information and name your file: LastName_FirstName_Resume.

A modernized resume places the focus on the value you deliver rather than past duties.2022 Candidates Market

4. Align your LinkedIn Profile with Your Resume
Your resume and LinkedIn profile go hand-in-hand but are not an exact duplication of the other. Your LinkedIn profile should give the reader a fresh look at who you are and the value you offer. Your introduction should be more personal and provide an overview of your value + impact and your employment data should reveal information not included on your resume. Again, make the method of getting in touch crystal clear.

A LinkedIn profile that complements your resume (rather than repeats it) will bolster your message.

5. Get Social
Most, if not all, hiring authorities perform an online search and review a potential candidate’s social media profile. In fact, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, 84% of organizations leverage the power of social media for recruiting and 9% plan to use it.

Having a visible online presence is in your best interest if your social accounts are in good order. If they are on the more personal or controversial side, take a few minutes to remove controversial posts, photos, and tags. Your LinkedIn profile should already be more business oriented, but you still need to review to ensure the employment data on your profile doesn’t contradict what you’ve presented on your resume.

Once you’ve adjusted your social accounts, leverage the power of the online community by regularly posting. Your social media accounts are a great way to reinforce your brand message.

Are you on Twitter? Interact with or re-tweet articles or posts related to your industry.
On LinkedIn? Write a brief post or an article that contributes to your thought leadership.
On Facebook or Instagram? Monitor your public posts / interactions / information you reshare.

To Recap:
Be Intentional: Know what you want and what you don’t in your next role.
Own the Process: Create a strategy and monitor your progress.
Convey Your Value: Craft a competitive resume that is value-focused, accomplishment and keyword rich.
Align Your LinkedIn Profile: Reiterate your brand message by optimizing your profile headline, summary, and employment data in alignment with your resume.
Be Social: Leverage the full power of social media by reviewing your accounts to ensure your online presence positions you as a strong, viable candidate for the role you are targeting.

Need Help?

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