Today, I’m sharing 4 types of LinkedIn status updates you can share on your news feed that will help you modernize your job search.

In a modern job search, an online presence is a must and LinkedIn is the #1 social media platform for job seekers, recruiters, and hiring authorities. No matter your level of employment, LinkedIn is a great forum to use stories to illustrate your value and communicate with your audience in a way that compels them to want to get to know more about you.

If you are thinking about or currently searching for a new job, you probably already have a LinkedIn profile. If you’re not sure if you profile is optimized, check out 4 Steps to Optimize Your Profile + Gain Visibility.

LinkedIn is the place to expand on your resume by telling the story of your experience in your profile summary + experience sections and sharing valuable content through articles + status updates + comments. By doing so, you will be building credibility and a reputation as a ‘go-to’ resource.

Remember, to leverage the power of LinkedIn in your job search, each piece of content you share / comment you make, needs to be filtered through the lens of your target audience.

– What will they take away from the content that will make their lives better?
– How will it help them solve a problem?

Once you have shored up your profile and strengthened your value story by aligning your experiences with your target audience’s pain points, you can begin to leverage the power of LinkedIn in your job search.

Here are 4 quick ways for you to leverage the power of LinkedIn in your job search:LinkedIn Profile

Like / Comment on posts in your news feed.

  • Liking an update on your feed is a good way to engage; that said, be purposeful in what you choose to like.
  • Adding a comment on a connection’s post or in a group discussion will show up in your network’s news feed; therefore, always make sure your comments are professional.

Share Articles + Industry Insights to build credibility.

  • Add value by writing / posting informative articles and sharing industry insights.
  • Ask your network for opinions on the topic you’ve posted.

Post Quotes to show personality.

  • Remember, LinkedIn is a professional network and anything you share (articles, opinions, quotes, images, videos) should be professional and appropriate for a formal work setting.

Join+ Participate in Groups to get in on the conversation and engage with others in your field.

  • Search for groups within your industry and/or align with your career goals or current interests and then add to the discussion within the group. This type of activity helps position you as a thought leader in your field and can help you build your network.

Set a goal to be active on LinkedIn (liking, commenting, sharing) on a daily basis. On the days you find that you’re uncertain of what to say, share a business article or one from someone in your network and make sure to tag them! Or, share a book (or a few favorites) and ask what other people are reading!

Hopefully, this has helped you overcome some of the fear associated with posting on LinkedIn and has given you a few a few ideas of how to contribute to the conversation!

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